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Exploring Elite’s Top 100 Sites: Mu Cassiopeia, Conn, San Tu, and more!

Macebyte, Spyrle, Zefariath, and Greylock continue their exploration of the top 100 sites in Elite Dangerous by visiting the next five sites listed below:

E008 39.87 Mu Cassiopeia C 1 Artemis Gen. ship Megaships
E009 42.94 Conn A3 A (lat: 73.38, lon: 102.37) (7) Abd INRA base Almeida Landing Surface structures
E010 45.34 San Tu 4 C Massive Sci. Instal. Space installations
E011 45.95 LFT 1748 A 2 Large Sci. Instal. Space installations
E012 48.36 Thoth 1A (lat: -2.77, lon: 16.67) Crashed Type 9 in Mountain Range Surface structures

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